We like to celebrate nature

...and simply copy the best ideas from her. It's not just the flashy design of our BLACK FOREST ICE CREAM flavours that's captivating, but also the taste. And they don't need any artificial gimmicks: no genetic engineering, no artificial colourings or flavour enhancers. Really good ice cream. Done.

For something so good to come out, only good things can be allowed to go in: EU organic certified ingredients, e.g. fresh organic milk. It comes mainly from the Black Forest. And the fact that our production is climate-neutral is a point of honour in any case.

Ice cream scoop variety Raspberry & Spruce

The new premium brand of the Black Forest Ice Cream Manufacture

An innovative company that takes an unconventional approach – family-run, regional, with a focus on selected ingredients, sustainable production and high quality standards.Inspired by the proximity to the Black Forest, many exciting varieties are created here, some with unusual flavours.

Organic sealOrganic seal
Vegan seal

Our sorbets are vegan certified - for a balanced lifestyle.

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